Corporate Culture

Diversity & Inclusion

Sullivan Marketing is committed to diversity of people and diversity of thought. We recognize that it is these individual differences and uniqueness that make us an innovative and outstanding company. In our policy we do not discriminate based on age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, physical ability, gender identity or sexual orientation. As a matter of fact, we strive to tap into these individual differences in our recruitment, hiring and career advancement. We offer room for our team to be themselves, to be respected and valued.

We have partnered with various non-profits and diplomatic missions in Kenya that promote our values of inclusion especially to the women and minorities. Additionally, offer networking platforms for our teams and wider business professionals to interact based on their uniqueness.

Working at Sullivan

At Sullivan, we try create a working environment that is both professional, yet friendly-almost homely. We have flexible working hours, telecommuting options and our dress-code is as free as it gets.

This ‘free space’ approach allows us to foster personal relationships with each other and creates an atmosphere of innovative ideas that our clients are looking for.

We are constantly looking for people who are smart, talented, different, go-getters, crazy, passionate and are willing to share our values.

Feel free to email our Human Capital Development Manager, Sammy. He would be happy to hear from you: