About Us

Who we are

We are an integrated marketing communications & research consulting firm that helps our clients better tell their stories in a compelling manner thus building on a BIG IDEA that creates a magnetic brand.

We fully understand the need for our clients to grow their business-whether you are a small tech start-up, a medium sized manufacturing company, government, a new international company entering the Kenyan market or a non-profit seeking to enhance its mission -the need to emotionally connect with customers is at the heart of our work.

Our Values & Beliefs

At Sullivan, we believe in excellence, innovation, creativity, professionalism, diversity and inclusion. We strongly believe that our biggest asset is our trusted relationship with our clients and proven results that work.

Our value-driven approach is the bed-rock on which our decisions are made. The clients we serve, our investors, the suppliers we work with, the talent we hire and wider stakeholders’ engagement are largely as a result of our commitment to our values.

At Sullivan we believe that the best brands are made by the customers themselves. This understanding helps us, together with our client, to seek customer insights through research and come up with creative brand strategies that are aligned to the larger organizational goals.

Our Team

At Sullivan, we have been blessed to have a diverse and talented team of creative , communication, digital, research and strategy folks working with us. Our greatest asset is these wonderful people that bring to life our personality as a company. Our diversity and inclusive policy allows us to work with amazing co-workers, including straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender persons. . Sullivan has the super brilliant ones, and the a-little-off ones, one thing that brings us together though is the passion for creating and implementing big ideas. We have learnt that the geeks are equally as fun to work with as the outgoing sales guys.

We have a highly educated, experienced and exposed human capital. We call each other by our first names, and we prefer it that way. This close-knit team has given us one-of-a-kind opportunity to build relations with each other and our clients as well.

Our Uniqueness

  • Our creative and strategy team are our greatest asset. They deliver creative ingenuities that exceed our clients needs.
  • Our advice is trusted. Our CEO sits in the Global Advisory Council of the World Brand Congress.
  • We offer you an elitist brand social network that no one else has. We host the largest Brand forum in Africa-The Africa Brand Summit.
  • We won the Rising Star Awards-Kenya 2014 (Entrepreneurship)
  • We are specialized. We give you focused attention on your brand story.
  • We are small, new, young, open-minded and creative. We break the rules to give your brand a fresh, sometimes outrageous perspectives/Big Ideas.
  • Our build strong personal & professional relationships with our clients.
  • Our distinctive brand approach incorporates logic, through the use of data, and emotions that yield matchless brand results.